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Quality Assurance

SenMobile provides professional quality assurance services. We evaluate your mobile applications and websites on mobile devices to make them as successful and popular as possible. We test on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Nokia platforms, and on phones and tablets.

Our approach comprises of several steps. We identify the environment of operation of your mobile solution: targeted users, devices, operating systems, and markets. We review the functionalities of your mobile solution, and then proceed with User Experience (UX) and usability testing, as well as security testing. We refer to the style guides of each platform for UX evaluation. Usability testing involves looking at the visual and the ease of use of the mobile solution. We recruit real users in usability testing. In security testing we look at concerns related to privacy, passwords, and saved data.

Each evaluation takes around 10 to 15 days and we provide you with a report that contains tips and recommendations to optimize your mobile solution in terms of functionality, UX, usability, and security.